Swema 3000 air flow

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• Metal housing
• Wide pressure range
• Highest pressure accuracy
• External anemometer
• Rotronic humidity probes
• ISO 7726 probes
• Individually calibrated sensors
• Density compensation
• SwemaTwin Ventilation balancing
• Duct / Building leakage testers
• SwemaTerminal 2 for PC
• SwemaMultipoint for PC

Swema 3000-serie air flow
The Swema 3000-serie has three different instrument models. The external probes used to measure air flow are the same for all models.
With the built-in manometer in Swema 3000md and Swema 3000mdH+ is it possible to measure air speed with a pitot tube and the instrument will calculate the air flow.

Unique measuring methods
For each probe and for the built-in manometer there are unique measuring methods. For example Backpressure (Bp) for SwemaFlow 125 and Average Point Flow (APF) and there is Loggning (Log) for all probes.

The Manometern is a diffential pressure probe that connects to a ventilation valve. The supplier defines a K-factor for the valve. By entering the K-factor into the instrument the air flow is displayed. (DPF-mode) If a pito static pipe is connected the air velocity is calculated aswell as the air flow when a duct size is entered in the instrument. (APF-mode)

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