SwemaMan 8

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• Air differential pressure
• -100...1500 Pa
• -0.4...6 inH₂O
• Air velocity
• Air flow
• Barometer
• Thermo couple
• Zero pressure valve

SwemaMan 8 is a micromanometer for differential pressure -100...1500 Pa (-0.4...6 inH₂O), air flow and air velocity 1...49m/s. SwemaMan 8 has high accuracy, low position dependency and a resolution of 0,1 Pa (0.001 inH₂O).

SwemaMan 8 has a built-in barometer and thermo couple connector type K for temperature. SwemaMan 8 calculates the correct air density. Measure airflow either with k-factor or with area. The area is entered into the instrument, as a diameter, height x width or as an area. SwemaMan 8 can calculate minimum, maximum and average value. Hundreds of measurements with average values are stored and easily transferred to a computer.

SwemaMan 8 has display light, a built in zero-valve for zero pressure check with hoses connected.

SwemaTerminal 3 for PC.

Manual SwemaMan 8

Measuring range
Differential pressure:
-100...1500 Pa, -0.4...6 inH₂O
Air velocity: 2...49 m/s, 390...9600 fpm
Temperature: 0...+50 °C, 32...122 °F
Barometer: 600...1200 hPa, 18...35 inHg

Measurement Uncertainty
At 23°C ±5°C:
Differential pressure: ±0,3% read value, min ±0,4Pa
Barometer: ±2,5hPa
Temperature: ±1°C

95% coverage probability in non condensing, non moist air, <80%RH, non aggressive gases

0,1 Pa at 0.0....999.9 Pa
1 Pa at 1000...1500 Pa
Calculated units: l/s, m3/h, cfm
Operating conditions: 0...+50°C,
non condensing, non moist air, <80%RH, non aggressive gases.
Display light
Memory: 300 Measurements
Battery: 2 AA batteries, one time or rechargeable
Battery operating time: Up to 150h (24h with display light turned on)
Output: USB to PC, output of online measurement or stored data.
Selectable time constant (0,5, 2, 10sek)
Weight: 384g


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