SwemaFlow 126, 236, 4001 Upgrade

SwemaFlow Upgrade

Art.nr: 769750
Upgrading of the firmware in SwemaFlow 126, SwemaFlow 126 Twin, SwemaFlow 236 and SwemaFlow 4001.
Upgrading influences neither the measurement uncertainty nor calibration nor stored measurements.

0. If SwemaTerminal 3 is not installed, install SwemaTerminal 3

1. Download 769750 126_4001_236 Firmware.zip

See program history.
Release history for SwemaFlow EN.pdf

2. Connect SwemaFlow to PC with USB cable and turn the instrument ON. If not already done start SwemaTerminal 3.

3. Click on "Update Firmware" in the File-menu in SwemaTerminal 3. A program called "Swema Firmware Updater 1.02" is now started.

4. Choose the COM-port the instrument is using (shown in the SwemaTerminal 3 window).

5. Click on "Select firmware" and choose the firmware file you downloaded in step "1.".
The instrument will now disconnect the virtual COM-port and go to a USB-mode.

6. When the firmware update is done disconnect the USB-cable from the PC. Restart SwemaTerminal 3 and connect the USB-cable to the PC again (this step is needed for the instrument/probe to go back to a virtual COM-port from the USB-mode).

To check firmware version click on "Terminal Window" in the File-menu and then press "Enter" on the keyboard.


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