Air flow hood 1...65 l/s

Air flow hood 1...65 l/s

SwemaFlow 236 769780 [View large]
• High accuracy and stability
• Measures from 1 l/s
• Temperature
• Barometer
• Real or Standard flow
• Only 1.5 kg
• Telescopic handle

SwemaFlow 236 is an accurate, stable and fast air flow ventilation instrument. Thanks to Swemas sensible net of hot wires the measurements starts from 1 l/s or 2 cfm. The wide opening minimises the throttle effect. The temperature sensor and barometer compensate for air density.

Low weight and telescopic handle
The low weight and the telescopic handle with angular adjustment gives a good reach. Valves placed high up on ceilings and walls can be reached in most cases without the use of a ladder.

Large digital display
The distinct digital LCD with back light displays the flow with one decimal. When measuring on valves on for examples ceilings the digits on the display can be turned upside down. When the display is hard to read the SwemaFlow 236 can freeze the measured value.

Exhaust air flow
SwemaFlow 236 is primarily for exhaust air flows. There is an adapter for larger exhaust air flows valves. To measure supply air flow a foldable supply air capture can be used. For supply valve measurements Swema recommends the more advanced model SwemaFlow 126. With the back pressure function SwemaFlow 126 compensates for throttling of the flow. When measuring on supply valves the flow hood may need to compensate for restricting the flow due to pressure drop loss over the valve. The back pressure function is not available on SwemaFlow 236.

SwemaFlow 236 is charged with the included mains adapter or with a standard USB charger. The instrument can be used and is powered during charging.

SwemaFlow 236 manual.pdf

Measurement range:
Air flow: 1...65 l/s, 3.6...234 m³/h, 2.1...137 cfm
Temperature: 0...50 °C, 32...122 °F
Barometer: 600...1200 hPa, 18...35 inHg

Measurement uncertainty:
Air flow: ±3.5% read value (at 20...25 °C)
min ±1 l/s, 3.6 m³/h, ±2.1 cfm
Temperature: ±1 °C, ±2 °F
Barometer: ±3.5 hPa, ±0.1 inHg

At 95% coverage probability in non condensing, non moist air, <80%RH, non aggressive gases.

Measurements corrections based in the calibration protocol are not needed to obtain the above stated uncertainty.

Shaft length: 45...80 cm (adjustable)
Measurement opening: 190 x 200 mm (inner)
Height: 330 mm
Weight: 1.5 kg
Power supply: Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
Battery life: <9 hours continuous measurement
Charging time: <2 hours with included adapter, with usb-adapter (mini-usb) 5V and minimum 0,5A output it takes longer.

Measuring principle
Net of hot wires

SwemaFlow 236, charging adapter (230 V Europlug - EN 50075), calibration protocol, manual, aluminium frame case

330 x 330 mm Foldable exhaust and supply hood
300 x 300 mm Foldable exhaust hood


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