Air flow hood 1.5...125 l/s

Air flow hood 1.5...125 l/s

SwemaFlow 126 769580 [View large]
• 150 g lighter
• Back Pressure function
• Factor function
• Memory
• Barometer
• Temperature
• Real or Standard flow
• Larger hoods for Supply air

Air Flow Hood - SwemaFlow 126
769580 SwemaFlow 126
769980 SwemaFlow 126 Twin (Bluetooth)

SwemaFlow 126 measures both exhaust and supply air. For supply air the longer 650x650 mm and 250x650 mm hoods are recommended. The range is air flow from 1.5 to 125 l/s, 5.4 to 450 m³/h, 2.3 to 263 cfm, temperature 0 to 50 °C, 32 to 122 °F, and barometric pressure 600 to 1200 hPa, 18 to 35 inHg. SwemaFlow 126 is based on the well known Swema principle, a net of hot wires, which gives a good and accurate mean value of the air flow in the capture opening.
This principle together with the longer hoods (650x650 or 650x250) makes it also possible to cope with the airflow from angled outlets. Complement the 650x650 hood with a cross to disrupt the swirl created by swirl diffusers. The included 300x300x470 red foldable hood could measure supply air after calibrating the result with a longer hood.

A digital display can toggle inbetween l/s, m³/h, °C, hPa. (A PC-setting sets the units to cfm, °F, inHg)
When turning ON by pressing red and blue button the display light is illuminated.

Pressure drop compensation
Use the "back pressure method" and take two measurements, one with a restriction ring and one without, to compensate for restriction and make measurements with high accuracy, even in low pressure ventilation systems. SwemaFlow 126 calculates the uninfluenced flow rate. The backpressure method has proved to have good accuracy, with a total standard measurement error (67 % coverage), including the method, of less than 10 %.

Air Flow scaling
Apart from the Backpressure method it is possible to show the flow multiplied with a Flow Factor. This is useful when balancing the flow, the Flow Factor should be calibrated with the backpressure method. A Hold function can lock the measuring value when it is hard to read the display.

Measuring with SwemaFlow 126
The flow capture’s measuring unit is equipped with two handles which you hold when pressing the capture over the outlet.
The measured values are easily stored by means of a button on the measuring unit. The capture incorporates a rechargable battery and a fast and efficient charger. Charging takes only one to two hours and is sufficient for a normal working day.

Measuring with SwemaFlow 126 Twin
The SwemaFlow 126 Twin has a built-in Bluetooth modem that can communicate with a Swema 3000/md/mdH+, or a SwemaMan 8, if supplemented with a Bluetooth modem. Read more here: SwemaTwin

Barometer, temperature
Densitety compensation is possible since temperature and barometric pressure is measured. Select Real or Standard flow with PC-setting.

SwemaFlow 126 Product Sheet

SwemaFlow 126 Manual

SwemaFlow 126 Twin, supplement manual for SwemaTwin measurements.pdf

SwemaTerminal 3 - Free software for PC

Measuring range
Air flow: 1.5...125 l/s, 5.4...450 m³/h), 3.2...263 cfm
Temperature: 0...50 °C, 32...122 °F
Barometer: 600...1200 hPa, 18...35 inHg

Measurement uncertainty
Air flow: ±3.0 % read value (at 20...25 °C)
min ±0.5 l/s, ±1.8 m3/h, ±1 cfm
Temperature: ±0.5 °C, ±1.0 °F
Barometer: ±3.5 hPa, ±0.1 inHg

Back-pressure method uncertainty
±10% read value, minimum 1 l/s, 2.1 cfm

At 95% coverage probability in non condensing, non moist air, <80 %RH, non aggressive gases.

Memory: 9999 measurements
Measurement opening: 300 x 300 mm (inner)
Height: 575 mm (incl. hood 300x300 mm)
Height: 145 mm (measuring unit only)
Weight: 1.8 kg ( incl. hood 300x300 mm and ring)
Battery life: 12 hours at 0 l/s, 2 hours at 125 l/s, 260 cfm
Charging time: 80% in 1 hour, 100% in 2 hours

Real or Standard flow

Measuring principle
Mass flow, net of hot wires

Measuring unit, restriction ring, 300x300 mm exhaust hood, charger (230 V), USB cable, calibration protocol, manual, case


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