SwemaFlow 125D/4000 Upgrade

Art.nr: Upgrade
125D, 4000
Upgrade of the firmware in SwemaFlow 125D and 4000
Upgrading influences neither the measurement uncertainty nor calibration nor stored measurements.

0. If not done, install SwemaTerminal 3

1. Download 767080_125D_4000_Version_1.16.elf

See program history.
Release history for SwemaFlow 125D_4000.pdf

2. Connect SwemaFlow 125D/4000 to PC with USB cable and turn the instrument ON. If not already done start SwemaTerminal 3.

3. Click on "Update Firmware" in the File-menu in SwemaTerminal 3. A program called "Swema Firmware Updater 1.02" is now started.

4. Choose the COM-port the instrument is using (shown in the SwemaTerminal 3 window).

5. Click on "Select firmware" and choose the firmware file you downloaded in step "1.".
The instrument will now disconnect the virtual COM-port and go to a USB-mode.

6. When the firmware update is done disconnect the USB-cable from the PC. Restart SwemaTerminal 3 and connect the USB-cable to the PC again (this step is needed for the instrument/probe to go back to a virtual COM-port from the USB-mode).

To check firmware version click on "Terminal Window" in the File-menu and then press "Enter" on the keyboard.


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