SwemaAir 5 768480 [View large]
• Air velocity
• Air flow
• Temperature
• Barometer
• Large display
• Easy to use keypad
• Memory

SwemaAir 5 is an anemometer for air velocity, air flow and temperature. The instrument has a built-in barometer. Together with the temperature sensor SwemaAir 5 compensates for the air density.

Air velocity is measured in m/s or fpm (using EN 16211 method ID 2). Air flow in l/s, m3/h or CFM is calculated from the air velocity and the area, diameter or height x width. Max, min and average value is shown on the display. The instrument has a large display with backlight and can store hundreds of measurements.

The instrument suits a wide range of applications, such as air flow measurements in ducts and over grilles, checking air leakage at windows and measuring air velocity in fume cupboards.

SwemaAir 5, 2 IEC LR6 AA batteries, probe, 1...2 m spiral cable, calibration certificate & manual.

SwemaAir 5 manual

Product Sheet SwemaAir 5

Measuring range
Air velocity: 0,1... 12 m/s, 19...2350 fpm
12...30 m/s, 2350...5900 optional
Temperature: -20...80°C, -4...176°F
Barometer: 600...1200 hPa,

Measurement uncertainty at 23°C
±3%, min ±0,04m/s, min ±8 fpm
Temperature: ±0,3°C, ±0,5°F

Measurement uncertainty at 10...30°C
±5%, min ±0,05 m/s, min 10fpm
Barometer: ±3,5 hPa, ±0,1 inHg

Measurement uncertainty at -20...80°C
Temperature: ±1,0°C, ±1,8°F

Uncertainty according to GUM (JCGM 100ː2008) using a coverage factor of 2, which for a normal distribution corresponds to a probability of 95%. It is important to correct the measurement values with the corrections stated in the calibration certificate to obtain the above uncertainties.
(Non condensing, non moist air, <80%RH, non aggressive gases).

Resolution: 0,01m/s, 0,1°C, 1hPa
Calculated units: l/s, m3/h, cfm
Operating conditions: Non condensing, non moist air, <80%RH, non aggressive gases.
Battery: 2 AA batteries, one time or rechargeable
Display light
Output: USB to PC, output of online measurement or stored data.
Selectable time constant (0,5, 2, 10sek)
Size: 180x82x36mm, 195x93x36mm including probe
Probe size: Ø 8...10 mm probe: 66cm including 1...2 meter Spiral cable.
(PN 768482 66cm probe with 4 m straight cable)
On demand 66cm probe + 50 cm probe elongation including 1,5...2,5 m spiral cable
Weight: 500g

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