Swema 3000md

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• Universal instrument & Logger
• -300...1500Pa
• Air velocity
• Air flow
• Barometer
• Thermo couple
• Zero pressure valve
• Universal sensors

In addition to all connectable probes Swema 3000md also has two built-in sensors, one differential pressure sensor (manometer) and one barometer, and it has also a thermo couple connector for connecting external temperature sensor typ K.

Unique measuring methods
For all external sensor and the built-in manometer there is a wide array of methods for measuring. For example Comfort (CO) for the draught sensor, Backpressure (BP) for SwemaFlow 125 and Logging (LOG) for all sensors.

(m) for manometer -300...1.500Pa
With the integrated manometer together with a pitot static pipe Swema 3000md will measure air velocity and air flow in a ventilation duct.

When you enter the k-factor with a ventilation sensor connected the display will immediately show the airflow. The instrument has a built-in valve so the zero reference is checked everytime you perform a measurement.
With this feature your measurement will be correct and no need to disconnect anything!
It is possible to deactivate the automatic zero reference checking for slightly faster measuring.

The differential pressure sensor in Swema 3000md is the very best from Swema!
Selectable to a 0.01Pa precision.

(d) for density compensation
Thanks to the barometer and thermo element the air pressure and temperature can always be measured. The air flow and air velocity measure is therefore automatically compensated for actual air density. All for the best accuracy!

If you connect a sensor with an integrated temperature sensor this is automatically used for density compensation. If temperature measuring is not a feature of the connected sensor, for example in differential pressure sensor Swa 10, Swa 07 and SwemaFlow 65, it is possible to connect such a measuring sensor to the thermo element connector of Swema 3000 md or manually entering a temperature value.

Since Swema 3000md contains a barometer and differential pressure sensor it is recommended to calibrate every year. External sensors are individually calibrated and do not need to be calibrated together with Swema 3000md.

The calibration protocol is saved in the instrument or sensor and you can at any time transfer it to your PC or mini printer to show it.

Swema 3000 manual.pdf

SwemaTwin radio modem

Swema 3000 update

SwemaTerminal 2.0 PC-communication

Integrated manometer :
Differential pressure
Precision by choice: 0...2 decimals
ca 2...49 m/s
±0,3% read value, mimimum ± 0,3 Pa
Max load ± 50 000 Pa

Integrated Barometer: 600...1200hPa ±2,5hPa

Thermo couple connector Type K:
-270...1372°C standard curve Type K
±0,3°C vid -10...70°C

Included thermo couple :
-40...400°C ±2,5°C

95% coverage probability in non condensing, non moist air, <80%RH, non aggressive gases

Main unit:
RS232, USB data interface
2p 1,5V batteries
Time and date for each measurement
10.500 rows logged values with 3 values on each row. ex: m/s, °C, hPa or 1.300 measurement notes


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