Universal instrument

Universal instrument

Swema 3000

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The multi-purpose Swema 3000 is ideal in a wide range of applications, industry, indoor climate, air-conditioning, ventilation and energy saving. Swema 3000 is a microprocessor-based instrument that uses the latest technology to adapt easily at a wide range of measurement needs. Swema 3000 incorporates powerful built-in calculation and documentation features that simplifies field work.

A high precision differential air pressure sensor together with barometer and a thermocouple K connector can be retrofitted into Swema 3000. That results in model Swema 3000md or Swema 3000mdH+.

Swema 3000 manual.pdf

SwemaTwin radio modem

Swema 3000 update

SwemaTerminal 2.0 PC-communication

0..50°C, for instrument only
RS232, USB data interface
2p 1,5V batteries
Time and date for each measurement
16.000 rows logged values with 2 values on each row. ex: m/s, °C
or 1.300 measurement notes


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