Swema 3000 temperature

Swema 3000 temperature

Swema 3000 temperature

Swema supply several Pt 100-probes to connect to Swema 3000 universal instrument for measuring temperature in air, water, fluids and powder and on surfaces. All probes are a 4-wire individually adjusted and calibrated probe, which gives high accuracy. Swema 3000 has many different measurement methods to collect and present measuring values. Both logged and single measurements can be stored and transfered to a PC.

Measurement Range
Pt/Ni 100 input: -200...850°C
Type K input: -270...+1372°C
(Type K only on 3000md and mdH+)

Measurement uncertainty
Pt/Ni 100 input:
±0,04% of reading, mininmum ±0,1°C, not including sensor

See uncertainty for each sensor for measurement uncertainty for Swema 3000 including sensor

Resolution: 0,01°C

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