SwemaTwin Radio modem

SwemaTwin Radio 3000-8 modem

P/N: Radioset
• Ventilation balancing
• SwemaMan 8
• Swema 3000
• Proportionality method
• Wireless

Satel Compact-4BT Radio modem.

The distance between the modems can be increased by approx. 4 times with this radio modem compared to a Bluetooth modem without repeater, and almost twice as far as a Bluetooth modem with repeater.

Radio modem set for SwemaTwin. Two complete modems are used to connect a Swema 3000 with a SwemaMan 8 unit. The measurement value is received via radio with a SwemaMan 8 reference unit, and can be read using a Swema 3000 unit. Time reducing when balancing in accordance with the proportionality method.

Two radio modems can also connect a SwemaFlow 126 Twin with a Swema 3000 or SwemaMan 8. SwemaFlow 126 Twin wirelessly connects via Bluetooth with one of the radio modems.

Range: Approx. 12 stories in apartment buildings (15 stories with BlueTooth between SwemaFlow 126 Twin and the Radio modem).

This radio modem operates in the frequency range 403…473 MHz and works in most countries. For a full list of countries where this radio modem is type approved, please see SATEL's website. Click on the second "SATELLINE" tab and see the rightmost column "Compact-4BT".

The set contains: 2 radio modems (584126)
2 antennas (58421)
1 charging cable (58422)
1 charger (584124)
1 Swema 3000-cable (770620)
1 SwemaMan 8-cable (770630)
2 belt cases (919057)
2 carabiners (919058)

All products listed above can be purchased separately upon request. Feel free to contact us for more info.

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