SwemaTwin Bluetooth modems

SwemaTwin Bluetooth modems

SwemaTwin Bluetooth 3000-3000 modem

P/N: 766361 [View large]
Bluetooth modem package SwemaTwin.
Two complete modems connect two Swema 3000. Two Bluetooth modems send mesurement data from one Swema 3000 to another - SwemaTwin.
One perfect application is ventilation balancing according to the proportional method.
To get a longer reach SwemaTwin Bluetooth repeater or radio modems can be used.

The set includes the following:
2x 766.360 Bluetooth modem (incl. charger, small 1x dBi antenna)
2x 766.370 Chargable battery
2x 766.380 5dBi Antenna (recommended)
2x 766.350 Distance between antenna and modem
4x 766.300 Holder for Bluetooth modem on Swema 3000
2x 766.340 Cabel 0,6m between Bluetooth modem and Swema 3000

Sending distance:
approx. 100m in buildings with repeater
Running time: approx. 16 timmar (900mAh)

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