SwemaTerminal 3

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SwemaTerminal 3 is a free software Windows for SwemaFlow 235, 236, 125D, 126, 4000, SwemaMan 7/8, SwemaAir 5, Swema 03, 03+ and Swema 05. With SwemaTerminal 3 you can do online measurement and logging, print calibration certificate, change settings, upgrade firmware and show graphs and statistics.

Download SwemaTerminal 3.

Unzip the file and run the setup file.

When the setup is done connect the USB cable between the probe/instrument and PC (you need to turn the instrument ON). The PC will now install the necessary drivers automatically.

In case the driver installation doesn`t succeed you can also do manually. Open the device manager, right click on "unknown device" and update driver. The drivers can be found at "C:/Program Files/Swema" (make sure that the box "included sub folders" is checked).

Windows 7:
When the instrument/probe is connected and if Windows starts looking for a driver on internet - stop it. If it founds a driver it takes that, even if it is not the Swema driver. To use the Swema driver uninstall the wrong one if it was installed.
When connecting the instrument/probe again Windows starts searching for a driver. Now click on the installation window and stop it from searching for a driver. Choose search for driver on places on your computer.
It will now find the Swema driver installation. CW20180719.

Instruction for instrument firmware update with SwemaTerminal 3


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