Measurement PC program

Measurement PC program


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SwemaMultipoint PC program is developed for laboratory and indoor use for logging of measurement data from different locations. SwemaMultipoint has three seperate windows: one for the setup and storing data in files, one for presenting data in online graphs and one ISO 7730 window.


The PC-program collects and saves data from up to: six Swema measurement devices and two HygroClip2. The Swema devices could be any combination of Swema 03, 03+, 05 and 3000 with any sensor. The program presents the data in live graphs. Each sensor measurement data is saved in an individual file that can be opened within Excel. Connection are with USB cables. A special version of the program can be supplied for the use of RS485 cables for Swema 03, 03+ and 05.

ISO 7730 measurements

For ISO 7730 setup the SwemaMultipoint PC program collects data from the three sensors:
Swema 03/03+ - air velocity and temperature
Swema 05 - black globe temperature
HC2A-S - humidity and temperature
In the ISO 7730 window of the SwemaMultipoint program there is online presentation of PMV and PPD graphs. By entering activity level and clothing insulation level PMV and PPD are calculated.

Parameters calculated in SwemaMultipoint:
Mixing Ratio
Dew Point
Wet Bulb
Wet Bulb Globe Temperature
Operative Temperature

SwemaMultipoint Manual

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