SwemaMan 7 _8 Upgrade

Upgrade 7_8
Upgrade of the firmware in SwemaMan 7 and SwemaMan 8.
Upgrading influences neither the measurement uncertainty nor calibration nor stored measurements.

0. If not done, install SwemaTerminal 3

1. Download 768820 SwemaMan 7/8 Firmware.zip.

See release history:
Release history for SwemaMan 7 & 8.pdf

2. Connect SwemaMan 7/8 to PC with USB Cable. If not already done start SwemaTerminal 3.

3. Click on "Update Firmware" in the File-menu in SwemaTerminal 3. On the instrument display the text "Soft Pro" will start flashing and a program called "MSP430 USB Firmware Upgrade Example 2.0" is now started. On the window you should see the text "ready...". If not dis- and reconnect the usb-cable, restart SwemaTerminal 3, open "Teminal Window" in the file menu, press * and then Enter on the keyboard (on instrument with older firmware versions you might need to dis- and reconnect the usb-cable), the text "Soft Pro" should now flash on the instrument display. In the program "MSP430 USB Firmware Upgrade Example 2.0" click on "Rescan HID Bus" under file, the text "Ready..." should now appear in the program window.

4. Click on "Open User Firmware..." under file and choose the firmware file you downloaded in step "1.".

5. When the firmware update is done close the "MSP430 USB Firmware Upgrade Example 2.0" program. Under the file-menu in SwemaTerminal 3 click on "Reconnect" and the instrument will be connected to SwemaTerminal 3 again.

To check firmware version click on "Terminal Window" in the File-menu and then press "Enter" on the keyboard.

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