Firmware update

Firmware update

Swema 3000 update

Updating the Firmware in Swema 3000.

All saved measurements in the instrument will be lost after updating the firmware from 5.19 or lower to 1.20 or higher. As long as ON is pressed down, when turning on the Swema 3000, the software (Firmware) version is shown in the display. The update will NOT effect any calibration data.

1. Download the file 764650 Program 3000 to your PC.

See release history.
Release history for Swema 3000 EN.pdf

2. Start the instrument while connected to a PC.
Run the program SwemaTerminal 2 on the PC.
Select "Search" in the program and then "Open".

3. In the “SwemaTerminal 2” program window select "Update Swema 3000". Browse to the file that you have downloaded in step 1 "764650 Program 3000". Select Open.

4. Wait until the instrument is turned off and you get an OK message in the program window.

WARNING!! Never turn off your PC or disconnect the instrument while updating the firmware, wait always until the instrument is turned off even if the status bar in the program window is not updated.

5. Turn the instrument on, the new firmware version number is shown on the display.

If you don’t get OK status on your PC-screen after the instrument is turned off, this means that the update has failed. Turn the instrument on again and repeat the same procedures starting from step 2 above.

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