Analogue cable

Analogue cable

Analogue cable Swema 3000

P/N: 766580
One Analogue output for the one measured unit for each probe. Also for inbuilt differential pressure probe in Swema3000md and Swema3000mdH+.
One cable fits all probes. The cable connects to the left connector on Swema 3000. The other end has loose ends.

Digital to analogue converter
in cable:
Output: 0...4,9 V
White or Red: Signal high
Brown: Signal low

Swema3000md, SWA 10:
1mV/Pa, 1.0V=0Pa

Swema3000mdh+, SWA07: 0,1mV/Pa, 1.0V=0Pa

100mV/m/s, 5…10mV=0m/s

SWA03:1V/m/s, 5…10mV=0m/s

SWA25: Ni100,10mV/°C, 1,0V=0°C

Pt100-probes: 1mV/°C, 1,0V=0°C

1mV/ppm, 5…10mV=0ppm

SwemaFlow 65, 125, 2000:
10mV/l/s, 5…10mV=0l/s

Humidity probes:
10mV/%RH, 5…10mV=0%RH

Swema AB, SE556052555101