Glob temperature sensor

Glob temperature sensor

Swema 05

P/N: 767370 [View large]
No cable included
• Temperature 0...50 °C
• Sampling frequency: Max 100Hz

Temperature sensor with high frequency USB output for measuring black globe temperature. Swema 05 meets the requirement of ISO 7726 to be used for ISO 7730 - Ergonomics of the thermal environment. Swema 05 can be used for any other multiple probes setup with the SwemaMultipoint for PC or used with SwemaTerminal 3 for a one probe setup. The number of read values is max 100 per second - more probes connected - less values per probe.
The software SwemaMultipoint can read values from Swema 05 up to 10 times per second.

ISO 7730 and Low air velocity.pdf (1MB)

Measuring range:
Measurement uncertainty:
±0,1°C at 0-50°C
(95% coverage probability)

2 m cable
Ø 150 mm
rod: 200mm long Ø 10mm

Communication: USB
Supply voltage: 4,5...5,5V
Sampling frequency: Recommended 10Hz (up to 100Hz with USB possible on some PC-installations.)

Swema AB, SE556052555101