Mica temperature sensor

Mica temperature sensor

Pt100 mica element

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• Small mass
• Fast response

Mica elements are used for high accuracy surface and air temperature measurements. Due to the sensors low heat capacity (big surface, low mass) the measured objects temperature is little affected and the response time is fast. Mica elements give also fast response time. The element is insulated with tape.
Tested according to MIL-STD 810 G.
Part no. 770110 Pt 100 IEC-751 Class A
Part no. 770111 Pt 100 IEC-751 Class B
See technical data for further information.

Pt 100, 22x9x0,45mm

Measurement uncertainty
According to DIN IEC-751
class A 0,15 + 0,002|t|* °C
class B 0,30 + 0,005|t|* °C
*|t| = the absolute value of the temperature in degree Celsius.

Tested and approved according to MIL-STD-810G environmental conditions.
Method 502.5 procedure II(Operational) Low temperature test -55°C and -70°C
Method 507.5 procedure II Humidity test (10 Aggravated cycles)
Method 514.7 Vibration test (Category 14)
Method 516.7 Shock (funcional shock, procedure I and Crash Hazard Procedure V)
Method 508.8 Fungus test

Temperature range

Resistance at -200 - 0°C
Rt=R0(1+3,9083x10-3t - 5,775x10-7t^2 - 4,183x10-12(t-100)t^3)

Resistance at 0 - 850°C
Rt=R0(1+3,9083x10-3t - 5,775x10-7t^2)

R0, resistance at 0°C. (100 Ohm) Rt, resistance (Ohm) at the temperature t. (°C)

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