High temperature humidity probe

High temperature humidity probe


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• Humidity 0...100 %RH
• Temperature -40...+200 °C

The HC2A-IM102-3000 is connected via cable art.771228 to Swema 3000/md. HC2A-IM102-3000 is perfect for relative humidity measurements 0...100%RH up to 200°C inside, for example, paper machines. High humidity values indicates a humidity pocket with poor ventilation.

Swema 3000 with humidity probes measures relative humidity and temperature. It also calculates the dew point and the mixing ratio / water content, g water/kg dry air. Measurement protocols and log files can be stored and transfered to a PC.

The probe must be protected by a filter, different filters are available dependent on the measurement application. A denser filter protects better for particles and high air velocity, but makes the time to achieve moisture equilibrium at the sensor longer.
For measuring in dusty environments (industry) the filter SPA-SSS is recommended. Filter SPA-SS-W15 provides fastest response time and is recommended for use in clean air. Filter SPA-PTFE in Teflon (water proof) is the best choice when you see a risk for water splashes on the probe (salt, marine) or against fine dust particles.

The filter must be ordered separately. Available filters for this probe:
SPA-SSS, art.859580, sintered steel, pore size 5 μm, -100...+200 °C, max 70 m/s (option)
SPA-SS-WM, art.859578, metal wire mesh, pore size 20…25 μm, -100...+200 °C, max 50 m/s (option)
SPA-PTFE, art.859582, teflon, pore size 10 μm, -80...+200 °C, max 50 m/s (option)

Measuring range
Temperature:-40...+200°C with Swema 3000
Temperature limit at the cable is +70°C
Precision:± 0,8%RH vid 23°C
± 1,3%RH at -10…+10°C, 30…50°C
± 1,8%RH at 50…70°C
± 2,8%RH at 70…200°C
± 2,3%RH at -30…-10°C
± 3,3%RH at -40…-30°C
and ± 0,3°C
Length sensor:130 mm stainless
Ø sensor:15 mm
Cable length:2m

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