Duct leakage tester

Duct leakage tester

Duct leakage tester

P/N: 771110 [View large]
• Fast and stable pressure control
• Optional mid and low range orifice plates

The leakage tester consists of a high pressure radial fan and a measuring pipe with an orfice plate with a hole with diameter 80mm. The unit is connected to a universal instrument Swema 3000md with built-in pressure sensor and a connected external pressure sensor SWA 10.
The built-in pressure sensor in Swema 3000md measures the pressure in the ventilation duct. The connected pressure sensor, SWA 10, measures the leakage flow across the orfice plate.

A fixed mounted orifice plate with k-factor in the measuring tube gives the flow. For smaller flows there are two alternative orifice plates (mid and low range) with smaller holes available as accessories, that easily are mounted with screws in the measuring pipe.

Set the duct test pressure in Swema 3000md to build up the selected pressure by the fan. Once the desired pressure is reached the leakage flow value is displayed and a measurement protocol can easily be saved in Swema 3000md. If the test duct enclosure area and density class are entered into the instrument, it is shown directly in the display whether the tightness of the channel is approved or not.

The fan used is a radial fan whose characteristics make it possible to build up a high pressure.

The section of the ventilation ducts to be tested is sealed with sealing bladders.
With an anemometer or with a smoke pen you can locate leaking air.

The leakage tester is used for leakage testing of ducts according to European Standard: EN 12237 and EN 1507 up to a duct pressure of 1900Pa.

Duct leakage tester (771110)
Orifice plate (770960)
Orifice plate (770970)
Swema 3000md (764202)
SWA 10(761430)including 2 holders to fit on Swema 3000md
Silicon hose (762470) 8m, between tester and Swema 3000md and duct

Bladder dia 250mm (765080) To seal duct, as many as needed
Bladder dia 400mm (765090) To seal duct, as many as needed
Bladder dia 600mm (765100) To seal duct, as many as needed
Pump (766620) Pump with connector to pump up bladders by hand

Duct Leakage Tester Manual.pdf

Flow over / under pressure
Leakage tester with hose Ø100mm:
22...130 l/s at ±400 Pa duct pressure
C-class Duct area 95...800 sqm at 400 Pa (EN 12237, 1507)

Lower duct pressure extends the flow range.

Uncertainty: ±6,5% read value (when used together with Swema 3000md and SWA 10)
The stated measurement uncertainty applies between 0...850 Pa duct pressure, but a duct pressure up to 1900 Pa is possible.
95% coverage probability in non condensing, non moist air, <80%RH, non aggressive gases

Weight: 20kg
Hose, diameter: Ø100 mm
Power: 0,55 kW
Supply: 200-240 VAC +/-10%, 50-60 Hz

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