Building leakage tester

Building leakage tester

Building leakage tester

P/N: 765910
This leakage tester for buildings connects to Swema 3000md. Swema 3000md saves measuring protocols and a report can easily be generated in excel. According the European norm EN13829 rooms and buildings shall be tested at minimum 5 different pressures. By pressing on the instrument keyboard the Swema 3000md controls the tester to test at minimum 5 pressure levels up to for example +50Pa. Maximum pressure is 100Pa. A leakage level is saved for together with each pressure level. The same measuring serie is possible to run at negative pressures.

Additional to Swema 3000md, that has a built-in differential pressure sensor, another differential pressure probe, SWA 10, is connected.
The built-in pressure sensor in Swema 3000md measures the pressure in the in the building. The connected pressure probe, SWA 10, measures the leakage flow across the orfice plate.

An axial fan is used to be able to provide highest possible flow at these moderate air flows.

Tighten the ventilation supply and exhaust with tighness bladders.

Building leakage tester (765910)
Swema 3000md (764202)
SWA 10(761430)
Holder(764760) 2pcs, to attach SWA 10 to Swema3000md
Stop (764870) 1pc, to prevent SWA 10 from sliding on Swema3000md
Silicon hose (762470) 8m, between tester and Swema 3000md and building

Flange 110/250mm (766480)
Flange 30/250mm (766490)
Bladder dia 600mm (765100) To seal duct, as many as needed
Pump (766620) Pump with connector to pump up bladders by hand

Max flow at under pressure
Leakage tester and included flange with, dia 190/250mm . The fan is fitted to the building shell through a straight 3m hose:
295 l/s at -100Pa
303 l/s at -90Pa
308 l/s at -80Pa
316 l/s at -70Pa
320 l/s at -60Pa
328 l/s at -50Pa
334 l/s at -40Pa
340 l/s at -30Pa
343 l/s at -25Pa

Minimum flow with supplied flange: 30 l/s.
Measurement uncertainty: <±7% read value
Lower flow with other flange.

Weight: 15kg
Size including flange:
Length 75cm, Height 36cm,
Width 35cm
Supply: 200-240 VAC +/-10%, 50-60 Hz

Swema AB, SE556052555101