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• Instrument and logger
• Fast and accurate
• Built-in pump
• Rechargeable battery

SwemaCO2 is an accurate CO2 meter and logger from Swema that can measure at precise locations through the use of a hose and the built-in pump. The pump also decreases the response time. A built in barometer is used for automatic pressure compensation. The instrument can show the average of multiple measurements. Together with the PC-program SwemaTerminal 3, SwemaCO2 can show saved measurements and show graphs of logged values.


Measuring range:
CO2: 0...5000 ppm
Barometer: 600...1200 hPa

Measurement uncertainty:
1 minute after start:
CO2: ±35 ppm ± 3,7 % read value
Barometer:± 3,5 hPa

Measurement uncertainty with 95% coverage probaility in non condensating air.
in relative humidity below 80 %, at 0...35°C,
in relative humidity below 70 %, at 35...50°C, non aggressive gases

Sampling Interval CO2: 16 seconds
Sampling Interval Barometer: Twice per second

Display Interval update rate:
CO2: 16 seconds for the measured value
Two prognostications in between, indicated by a * on display. In stable conditions prognostications equal measured value.
Barometer: Twice per second

Log Interval: 16 seconds - 2 hours. Pump can be set on or off. Setting pump on turns it on 30 seconds before measurement is made.

Memory: 50 series of measurements, max 15700 measurement pairs all series combined. (CO2 and air pressure is a measurement pair)

PC Communication: Mini USB

Lithium-Ion Battery: Almost one week up time without pump and backlight (150 hours, 24 hours with backlight and pump)
USB charger and USB cable included

Delivery contents
Instrument, rechargeable battery, USB cable, 220V adapter, manual, calibration certificate.

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