Insertion humidity probe Swema 3000

Insertion humidity probe Swema 3000


P/N: 767560
  • Relative Humidity 0...100 %RH
  • Temperature -40...85 °C
SWHP 28-HC2 is a probe for measurement of relative humidity and temperature in, for example, ventilation ducts or in free air.

SWHP 28-HC2 connects directly to any Swema 3000 Universal instrument. Apart from relative humidity and temperature the Swema 3000 can calculate and display dew point and mixing ratio / water content (g/kg dry air).
It is also possible to store measured values as protocols or log files.

The probe is protected by a filter, different filters are available dependent on the measurement application. A denser filter protects better for particles and high air velocity, but needs longer time to achieve moisture equilibrium.
This probe is standard equipped with a metal wire mesh filter, ET-D10, which is recommended for clean ventilation air. For measuring in bulk material, cereal, powder or other dusty environments (μm) is the enclosed filter ET-Z10 recommended. Filter SP-TS12 in Teflon is a water proof filter used when you see a risk for water splashes on the probe, to be ordered separately.

Available filters for this probe:
ET-D10, art.859867, metal wire mesh, pore size 20…25 μm, -40…85 °C, max 50 m/s (included)
ET-Z10, art.859855, sintered steel, pore size 5 μm, -40…85 °C, max 70 m/s (included)
SP-TS12, art.859868, teflon, pore size 10 μm, -40…85 °C, max 50 m/s (option)

Measuring range
Humidity: 0…100 %RH
Temperature: -40…85 ° C
Humidity:±0,8 %RH at 23 °C
±1,3 %RH at -10…+10 °C & 30…50 °C
±1,8 %RH at 50…70 °C
±2,8 %RH at 70…85 °C
±2,3 %RH at -30…-10 °C
±3,3 %RH at -40…-30 °C
Temperature:± 0,3 °C
Total length: 415 mm
Insertion: 280 mm
Diameter: Ø 10 mm

Swema AB, SE556052555101