Relative humidity & temperature probe

Relative humidity & temperature probe

HygroClip 2 HC2-HS28

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• Handheld
• Sword probe
• 50 %RF in paper piles
• Ensures best printability

Rotronic HC2-HS28 is a thin sword probe designed to measure relative humidity and temperature in paper piles. This use case provides the best printability by ensuring a relative humidity value around 50 %RF, but the sensor is also suitable for measuring in other similarly stacked items such as textiles.

The sensor is connected to the universal instrument Swema 3000 via cable 766250.

Measuring range
Humidity: 0…100%RH
Temperature: -40...+60°C with Swema 3000

Measurement uncertainty
± 0,8%RH at 23°C
± 1,3%RH at -10…+10°C, 30…50°C
± 1,8%RH at 50…70°C
± 2,8%RH at 70…200°C
± 2,3%RH at -30…-10°C
± 3,3%RH at -40…-30°C
and ± 0,3°C

Sensor probe: 280 mm (aluminum)
Sensor width: 18 mm
Cable: 2 m
Thickness: 4,5 mm

Analog output: 0...1V

Swema AB, SE556052555101