SwemaTwin ventilation balancing

SwemaTwin ventilation balancing


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• Balancing in half the time
• Balancing by a single person
• Cost reducing
• High client satisfaction

SwemaTwin advantages

Ventilation balancing by modems makes the proportionality method an easy task for just one person. With SwemaTwin it takes half the time or less to balance a ventilation system. The balancing company can take on more commissions using the same resources. The building will be ready to use in a shorter time or less interuptions will be caused, leading to high client satisfaction. SwemaTwin generates good references and new commissions.

SwemaTwin - Balancing with modems

When proportionality method is used the ratio between the ATD (Air Terminal Device) and the reference ATD is the most important. The reference flow can be obtained from another measurement technician over radio, mobile phone or by going to the reference valve. For an exact adjustment the value from the reference ATD could be needed several times, just for adjusting one ATD. In order to save time there is a risk that the valve is not adjusted to highest standard.
By connecting TWO Swema instruments to each other by modems, one Swema instrument is remotely accessed by the other. The display shows the true measurement values of both the ATD being adjusted and the reference ATD. The ratio between the ATD being adjusted and the reference ATD is also shown, which minimizes time consuming calculations. SwemaTwin makes adjustments according to the proportionality method an easy task for just one person.

SwemaTwin equipment

To adjust with SwemaTwin, a universal instrument Swema 3000/md/mdH+ is required with a modem, or an airflow hood SwemaFlow 126 Twin with built-in modem, which is then used as the main instrument.
A second modem is connected to a Swema 3000/md/mdH+ or a micro manometer SwemaMan 8, which is then used as the reference device.
Swema 3000/md/mdH+ must have a pressure sensor or anemometer for direct flow display.
The Bluetooth Modem with Repeater option has a range sufficient for most buildings.

Proportionality method with SwemaTwin

SwemaTwin Manual.pdf

Bluetooth modem:
Range: About 100m in building with Repeater (distance depends a lot on the type of building it is), multiple Repeaters can be used for longer distances.
Operation: up to 16 hours

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