SwemaMan 7

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• Air differential pressure
• -1000...+9999 Pa
• Air velocity
• Air flow

SwemaMan 7 is a micromanometer for differential pressure:
-1000...+9999 Pa
Air flow and air velocity:
It has a wide range with good accuracy, low position dependency and a resolution of 0,1 Pa.

SwemaMan 7 measures airflow with the use of a k-factor, it can also give an accurate measurement of air velocity when connected to a Pitot static tube (according to EN 16211 method ID 1, ID 3, ST 1, ET 1). The air flow can be displayed using the air velocity and the duct area. The area can either be entered as diameter, height x width or area.

Measurement values are stored automatically and easily transferred to a PC. It is also possible to set the temperature and barometric pressure for density compensation.
SwemaMan 7 has display light.

Product sheet, Manual

Measurement range:
Differential pressure: -1000…9999Pa
Resolution: 0,1 Pa, 1 Pa at 1000...9999 Pa
Air velocity: 2...129m/s, 390…9999fpm (calculated)

Measurement uncertainty (at 23°C ±5°C):
Differential pressure: ±1% read value, min ±0,5Pa (after zeroing)

(Uncertainty according to GUM (JCGM 100ː2008) using a coverage factor of 2, which for a normal
distribution corresponds to a probability of 95%. It is important to correct the measurement values with
the corrections stated in the calibration certificate to obtain the above uncertainty.
Non condensing, non moist air, <80%RH, non aggressive gases.)

Time constant: 0,5 / 1 / 2 / 10 s
Calculated units: l/s, m3/h, cfm, m/s, fpm
Memory: 50 single or multi-point measurements
Operating conditions: 0...+50°C, non condensing, non moist air, <80%RH, non aggressive gases
Battery: 2 AA batteries, one time or rechargeable
Battery operating time: Up to 150h (24h with display light turned on)
Output: USB to PC, output of online measurement or stored data.
Weight: 384g
IP rating: IP50 (protects against dust)

SwemaMan 7, 2 IEC LR6 AA batteries, calibration certificate & manual.

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