Air flow hood

Air flow hood

SwemaFlow 4001

P/N: 770070 [View large]
• Supply and exhaust air flow
• 3...1500 l/s, 7...3100 cfm
• High accuracy and stability
• Memory
• Temperature
• Barometer
• Density compensation
• Real or Standard flow
• EN 16211, EN 12599 compliant

SwemaFlow 4001
SwemaFlow 126 is ideal for testing, adjusting and balancing (TAB) of both exhaust and supply air flows. The proven Swema principle, a net of hot wires, gives accurate measuring values over the whole measurement range. The hot wires makes it suitable for supply air, including air flows from angled outlets. The measured values can be stored and transferred to PC.

SwemaFlow 4001 Twin
SwemaFlow 126 Twin (part no. 770080) has an in-built Bluetooth-modem. Balancing of ventilation according the proportional method is made possible by communicating with a SwemaMan 8 with modem placed on the reference valve.

SwemaTwin, Product sheet, Manual , SwemaFlow 126 Twin supplement manual

Measurement range
Air flow: 3...1500l/s, 10.8...5400m³/h, 7...3100cfm
Temperature: 0...50°C, 32...122°F
Barometer: 600...1200hPa, 18...35 inHg

Measurement uncertainty
Air flow: ±3,5% read value, min ±0.5l/s, min ±1.1cfm
Temperature: ±0.6°C <50l/s, ±0.4°C >50 l/s
±1.1°F <106cfm, ±0.7°F >106cfm
Barometer: ±3.5hPa, ±0.1inHg

(Uncertainty according to GUM (JCGM 100ː2008) using a coverage factor of 2, which for a normal distribution corresponds to a probability of 95%. It is important to correct the measurement values with the corrections stated in the calibration certificate to obtain the above uncertainties.
Non condensing, non moist air, <80%RH, non aggressive gases.)

Memory: 9999 measurements
Size: 1120x680x680mm (with Hood 650x650mm)
Weight: 3.7kg (with Hood 650x650mm)
Battery charging time:<4 hours, SwemaFlow 4001 is charged with the included mains adapter or with a standard USB charger. SwemaFlow can be used during charging.

Measuring principle and recommendations
Mass flow, net of hot wires. SwemaFlow 4001 measures according to EN 16211 method ST 31 and ET 21. A Flow Factor can scale the flow, something that could be useful when balancing ventilation.

Density compensation
Temperature and barometric pressure is measured. Select Real or Standard flow with PC-setting.

Functional design
Two handles, the measured values are easily stored by means of a button on the measuring unit.

l/s, m³/h, °C and hPa or cfm, °F and inHg, depending on PC-settings.
Segment with backlight, hold

Delivery contents
SwemaFlow 4001, 650x650 mm hood, charging adapter (230 V), USB cable, calibration certificate, manual & case.

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