SWA 32

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• Air velocity
• Air flow
• Temperaure

The probe SWA 32 fits any Swema 3000 with firmware 5.40 or higher. Together, they measures air velocity 0...30 m/s. The equipment can display air flow and is suited to measure in ventilation ducts according to EN 16211:2015 or EN 12599:2012 and in fume hoods according to EN 14175:3-4:2019.
SWA 32 is a more accurate version of SWA 31. SWA 32 has smaller corrections on the calibration certificate.

Measuring range:
0,1...10m/s (30m/s extra calibration)

at 23°C ± 3°C:
±0,03m/s at 0,1...0,4 m/s
±0,04m/s at 0,4...1,33 m/s
±3% read value at 1,33...30 m/s

Full operating range +10...+45°C:
±0,05m/s at 0,1...1,10 m/s
±4,5% read value at 1,10...30m/s

Full operating temperature range -20...+80°C:
±0,3°C at 23°C, ±1,0°C at -20...+80°C

95% coverage probability in non condensing, non moist air, <80%RH, non aggressive gases
The uncertainty for each probe is the uncertainty for the probe
together with the Swema 3000. That is, included in the
accuracy for each probe is the accuracy for Swema 3000,
interchangeability, calibration, temperature dependence,
hysteresis and repeatability.

Fits:Swema 3000 program version 5.40 or higher, updated firmware is possible.
Not for:SwemaAir 300 (old model) - use SWA 31 / 31E.
Selectable resolution: 0.1, 0.01, 0.001 m/s
Air Flow Range: Function of air density (Barometric pressure), duct size, k2-factor and air velocity
Selectable duct sice: 10...2550 x10....2550 mm
in increments of 1mm or
diameter 10...288.0cm in increments of 0.1cm or
max area: 6.5m2 in increments of 0,0001m2
Selectable resolution: 0,1 or 0.01°C
Ø: 8...10 mm
Length: 66cm
Calibration:recommended each 12 month 763010 Extra 20 & 30 m/s

On the 66 cm long telescopic shaft there is a scale for easy placement in ventilation ducts. The measurement is displayed directly or with a number of points as average, max and min.

Flow calculation
The duct dimension as: diameter, height and width or area, can easily be inserted into Swema 3000 to make the instrument calculate and display the flow in l/s , m3/h or CFM. The most common standard dimensions are selected directly.
To get a good flow value in the duct the instrument makes an average of point measurements over the selected area. According to research, due to friction at the wall, there is a reduction factor k2, that reduces the calculated value.

For grilles, you enter the height x width using auto-sampling and a smooth sweeping technique across the grilles, Swema 3000 calculates the rate of air flow in l/s, m3/h or CFM. Set the time constant down to 0.025 sec to get 4 measurements /sec. Average, standard deviation, max and min is automatically calculated.

Fume hood (cupboard) measurements
SWA 31 measurements complies with EN 14175:3-4.

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