Differential pressure probe

Differential pressure probe

SWA 10

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• Air differential pressure
• -300...1500 Pa
• Zero Valve
• For leakage tester

SWA 10 is an air differential pressure probe that is used on Swema 3000 instead of the inbuilt or sensor in Swema 3000md or mdH+. Swema 3000 can calculate air velocity and air flow. SWA 10 is also used with a leakage tester together with Swema 3000md or 3000mdH+ and
SWA 10 has an inbuilt valve that zero checks the pressure. SWA 10 has two holders attached so it can be fitted on any Swema 3000.

Pressure range -300…1500Pa
Max. overload ±20 000 Pa
Accuracy: ±1% read value, minimum 0,3Pa

95% coverage probability in non condensing, non moist air, <80%RH, non aggressive gases

Position dependance: 0,6 Pa, None with measuring method SAFE
Temperature dependence: 0,2Pa/°C
Outputs 1 mV / Pa, 100mV / m/s

Probe Calibration Recommended every 12 months.
Order nr. SWA 10 with traceable calibration certificate (761.430)
Tested according to EN 50081-1 and EN 50082-1.
Temperature operating range: 0...+50°C
order nr. 761.430

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