ISO 7730- Thermal environment

ISO 7730- Thermal environment

Thermal environment

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Swema equipment for the measurement of Moderate Thermal Environments complies with the standards:

ISO7726 - Thermal environments - Instruments and methods for measuring physical quantities

ISO7730 - Ergonomics of the thermal environment - Analytical determination and interpretation of satisfaction of thermal environment using calculation of the PMV and PPD indices and local thermal comfort criteria.

ISO 7730 measurements

Many test data shows that it is possible, with six variables, to determine how warm or cold a person feels:
- Air temperature
- Air velocity
- Air humidity
- Mean radiant temperature (measured values).
- Personal activity
- Clothing insulation (individual selected

Comfort indices

Thermal comfort is defined as that condition of mind which expresses satisfaction with the thermal environment. Due to individual differences, it is impossible to find a thermal environment that will satisfy everybody. The goal must be to get as few unsatisfied people as possible.
According to ISO 7730 are there three indices to describe dissatisfaction (or satisfaction) rate in thermal environment, PMV, PPD and DR:

PMV: Predicted Mean Vote, is the sensation of body heat, from +3 (hot) to +1 (slightly warm) and from -1 (slightly cold) to -3 (cold).

PPD: Predicted Percentage Dissatisfied, is the percentage of people dissatisfied with the thermal environment.

DR: Draught Rate, is the percentage of people predicted to be bothered by draught. Draught is an unwanted local cooling of the body caused by air movements.

ISO 7730 and Low air velocity.pdf (1MB)


SwemaMultipoint - (763710) a PC program that collects data from three sensors.
Swema 03 or Swema 03+ - (767360 / 767361) Draught sensor for air velocity and temperature.
Swema 05 - (767370) black globe temperature sensor
HygroClip2-S - (859447) Relative humidity sensor

Also needed:
2 x Cables (767300)between PC USB-port and Swema 03, 03+ or 05
HygroClip 2-S USB cable (859466)
Tripod Foot (764530)
Rod (764540)
3 x Clamps (764550)
3 x Probe clamps (764550)
3 x Optional 12m extension USB cable (766220)


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