SwemaTwin ventilation balancing

Art.nr: SwemaTwin

Application example
Technical data
Bluetooth modem:
Range: 100m in buildingswith repeater (Range depends of type of building), multiple repeaters acn be used for longer range.
Operation: 16 hours
• Balancing in half the time
• Balancing by a single person
• Cost reducing
• High client satisfaction

SwemaTwin advantages

Ventilation balancing by modems makes the proportionality method an easy task for just one person. With SwemaTwin it takes half the time or less to balance a ventilation system. The balancing company can take on more commissions using the same resources. The building will be ready to use in a shorter time or less interuptions will be caused, leading to high client satisfaction. SwemaTwin generates good references and new commissions.

SwemaTwin - Balancing with modems

When proportionality method is used the ratio between the ATD (Air Terminal Device) and the reference ATD is the most important. The reference flow can be obtained from another measurement technician over radio, mobile phone or by going to the reference valve. For an exact adjustment the value from the reference ATD could be needed several times, just for adjusting one ATD. In order to save time there is a risque that the valve is not adjusted to highest standard.
By connecting a Swema instrument to another by moodems, one Swema instrument is remotely accessed by the other. The display shows the exact measurement value of the ATD being adjusted and the reference ATD. The ratio between the ATD being adjusted and the reference ATD is also shown, which minimizes time consuming calculations. SwemaTwin makes adjustments according to the proportionality method an easy task for just one person.

SwemaTwin equipment

To use SwemaTwin for balancing of air flow two Swema 3000 or one Swema 3000 and one SwemaMan 8 are connected through two modems. SwemaMan 8 can only be used on the reference valve. The Swema 3000 should be using a probe for flow measurements. For example: Swema 3000md, Swema 3000mdH+ or Swema 3000 with SWA 10, SWA 31, SwemaFlow 125 or SwemaFlow 2000. SwemaFlow 125D and 4000 can be adapted to fit Swema 3000. The flexibility of Swema 3000 makes it possible to use for example a differential pressure sensor on the reference ATD and adjust the other ATD with a flow hood. The communication between the two Swema 3000 is possible through Blue-Tooth modems. The Blue-Tooth modems with repeaters has range that covers most buildings, also being rechargeable, but do not power the Swema 3000. Swema 3000md, SWA 10 and SwemaMan 8 zero the pressure over the modems. Thanks to the built-in zero-valve, zeroing can be done when hoses are connected to pressure. Remote reading works regardless of what sensors are being used, but to read the ratio in percentage both Swema instruments must show the same unit. For example l/s.

Proportionality method with SwemaTwin

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