Air flow hood 3...1500 l/s

SwemaFlow 4000 766700 [Larger]

Application example
Technical data
Measurement range:
Air flow: 3...1500 l/s, 10,8...5400 m³/h
6,4...3178 CFM

Measurement uncertainty:
Air flow at 20...25°C
3...30 l/s: ±1,0 l/s, ±2,1 CFM
30...1500 l/s: 3% read value

Temperature: 0...+50 °C, 32...122 °F
±0,4 °C above 50 l/s, 105,9 CFM
±0,6 °C below 50 l/s, 105,9 CFM

Barometer: 600...1200 hPa, 18...35 inHg
±3,5 hPa

At 95% coverage probability in non condensing, non moist air, <80%RH, non aggressive gases.

Memory: 9999 measurements
Weight incl. capture 650x650 mm:
4,0 kg
Battery charge time: max 4 hours

Measuring principle
Mass flow, net of hot wires
• Large display
• Hold function
• Memory
• Barometer
• Temperature
• Actual or standard flow

Suitable for high and low flow diffusers, SwemaFlow 4000 measures both supply and exhaust air flow. The Swema measuring principle - a net of hot wires gives an accurate average value of the air flow in the flow hood opening. The design has a big cross section which minimizes the restriction of the flow. When placing the hood to an air terminal device a measurement value is instantly displayed. The flow measurement section is well defined and the flow hood features high accuracy both for supply and exhaust air.

SwemaFlow 4000 Manual