Swema info
Measuring instruments, data loggers, transmitters and sensors
Development, production, distribution, calibration and service

Visit us on
Pepparvägen 27, Hökarängen in
Stockholm, Sweden
VAT No. SE556052555101
Post: Pepparv 27,
123 56 FARSTA
Phone: +46 8-94 00 90
Fax: +46 8-93 44 93

2000 Since year 2000 Swema is ISO 9001 certified.
ISO 9001 certificate

Swema tries to minimize the harm on the environment and the use of ending natural resources.
2012 Swema building electricity comes only from renewable power sources: water and wind.
2010 Ventilation heat recovery in use in the Swema building.
2009 Insulation added under roof of the Swema building.
2009 Third window pane added to increase window insulation of the Swema building.
2008 Since 2008 an electric-gasoline (hybride) car is used by sales staff.

1944 established in Stockholm by Axel Th. Carlander
1966 The first "SwemaFlow" for air flow measurement
1967 Moved to new building at Pepparv. 27
1984 The founder Axel Th. Carlander retired
1994 SwemaAir 300 universal instrument for indoor climate was introduced.
2006 Swema 3000 was introduced and replaced SwemaAir 300.
2008 A representative office in China opened.